Personal Brand

To those who know me, I am an avid creative designer, digital illustrator and ramen enthusiast who lives in Brooklyn, NY. For the last 10 years of my life I have also called home to 5 different cities in the world; Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore, Gastonia, NC, Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY.

All of these travels shape who I am today and ultimately became my most influential factor in shaping my life. Professionally, living in all of these places for more than a years time gave me a greater sense of knowledge for design. I am able to see different elements of digital creative and examine the differences of target audiences depending on the culture of the location. What would work for one client in NC may not work for another in Indonesia and vice versa. I have adapted a keen eye for detail and new ways to express myself through my work.  Career wise I was also influenced through my co-op experiences during my bachelors at Northeastern University. I got the chance to work in several different industries ranging from consultant agencies, financial services and e-commerce. My affinity for digital media came from the latter when I worked for and spearheaded many clients ranging more Adidas, Vince Camuto and Reebok.

It is through my work that I am able to express myself and digital illustration allows me to do so. It is as part of my overall personal brand as my love for ramen. My chopsticks skills rival my ability to render digital art through Photoshop and similarly parse through data via VBA macros on excel.  I guess you could say that my skill in slurping ramen and digital illustrations comes natural to me.

Some of the tools that I use for my work are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. Alternatively I also have experiences in using Exact Target ( mass email software) , Salesforce ( CRM ) and Webex  ( Webinar  ) and they are now a part of my digital marketing tool kit.

My affinity for digital media doesn’t stop there and it extends beyond my work professionally. Of all the many mediums that I could choose to present my ideas and express my brand personality, I have chosen my web portfolio (to be published) and my social media account. My Instagram account for example shows a great deal of who I am based on what I post but most importantly, my feed. A feed is a list of posts that populate into a grid and it is curated through an algorithm that takes into account our interactions with other posts, our likes and our tags. To that end, if you were to look at my Instagram feed several things would pop up: soccer, cooking/food, digital media (logo design, mockups , ux/ui etc.) and puppies. These are just some of the things that represents who I am but I believe provides a great snapshot into my likes.

My web portfolio is an extension of myself as well. It is my work and my work constitutes what I know and have learned throughout my life. I am passionate about my projects and my skills and dedication to the craft shows that.

If I were to sum up my personal brand with a Unique Selling Proposition it is that I help b2c and b2b companies turn creative imagination to marketable solutions and leverage my financial background to backup content with analytics.

In short, I provide a comprehensive digital marketing solution to these companies where most people would only provide either solely design or analytics seperately. This is something that embodies what I do and the reason I do this is because I like to help others express themselves through creative design. B2C and B2B are the audiences that I believe would benefit the most from my services but I also have a personal interest to dive more into non profits at which I am also currently involved in (Project Push Pin ) and one that I am currently passionate about. I see things as brands whether it is a product, a person, an entity or organization. In all cases, presentation is key and brand essence is an important element in communicating with the desired target. For this reason, my skills have honed me into finding ways to help these brands present themselves creatively through design.



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